Best Fragrances For Men in 2014

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Fragrances are that part of personality which can’t be seen but matter the most. People who use better fragrances / colognes are more successful in socializing than people who don’t. Who is going to socialize with the person who smells like a snail or rat poison? There are a number of fragrances in the market but only few of them are worth using. Obviously you cannot try each of them to figure out the best men fragrances. No one has that sort of time or money. As 2014 starts, we have compiled a list of fragrances / perfumes which will make your year smell good! So, read on below to know the best fragrances for men in 2014 also see the list of best perfumes for women in 2014.


Best Fragrances for Men 2014


  • Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren is not just a brand, it’s a whole world. When it comes to Men’s fashion, Ralph Lauren stands in the front row. The Polo Blue Sport Fragrance by Ralph Lauren is awesome. If we take a look, at the design, it is kind of a simple square with curvy top edges and the cap is golden in color whereas the bottle is white with two blue and one red stripe, in the middle is standard side Polo logo in Golden color matching the cap. The bottle looks tempting and the fragrance – it takes it all. Polo Blue Sport is a must have fragrance for men in 2014.



  • Chrome Cologne by Azzaro

Chrome Cologne by Azzaro for men 2014
The blue color, the sand, the Sun, the Mediterranean and The Azzaro, Loris Azzaro was a huge success in 1968 because of designing dresses for French elite he had move to Paris in 1962 from Tunisia to make his name.  Chrome Cologne is enclosed in square shaped simple looking casing with blue fragrance in it, reminding of Mediterranean, its scent is some sort of smooth, refreshing, and long lasting. Don’t forget it put it in your list of best colognes and perfumes for men 2014.



  • 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

1 Million by Paco Rabanne fragrances for men 2014
1 million, the golden, the brand! 1 million is the most anticipated Fragrance from Paco Rabanne, one of the oldest names in fashion history.  The design is what matters the most and Paco Rabanne knows it very well. Describing the metallic icon of Paco, 1 million is box shaped golden colored fragrance design that is modeled after gold ingot. The fragrance is from high notes of peppermint and blood mandarin with heart notes of rose obsolete, cinnamon blended with leather accord, & amber ketal. 1 million is really one in a million.



  • Eternity Cologne by Calvin Klein

Eternity Cologne by Calvin Klein
The lineup of eternity by Calvin Klein was started in 1989 and till now it has hold on people’s minds. Blend of greens, sage, crisp jasmine, rosewood and basil, Eternity Cologne is daily wear fragrance. The bottle is sophisticated with cap increased in length.



  • Contradiction Men by Calvin Klein

Contradiction Men by Calvin Klein
The Contradiction fragrance is designed simply yet attracting. The fragrance is muscularly refreshing with little bit of spice. The blend of sandalwood with lime, vetiver, nutmeg with sage and leaves make it the kind of fragrance a person would use for decent occasions.



  • Black XS L’exes by Paco Rabanne

Black XS L’exes by Paco Rabanne
When somebody talks about good fragrances and he doesn’t describe •              Black XS L’exes  by Paco Rabanne, then he wasn’t talking about good scents at all Black XS L’exes is limited edition treat of Paco Rabanne. For men Fragrance is a long cylindrical bottle in black shape with skull theme. The smell is sensational with a mix of glamour, it is awesome.



  • Cool Water Cologne by Davidoff

Cool Water Cologne by Davidoff
The Davidoff’s simplicity is reflected in Cool water cologne as the bottle is simple yet sleek. Cool water is composed of notes of lavender mixed with menthe, iris, and musk. It is good for nights in town and also for casual time. Make sure you put Cool Water Cologne in your to-be-bought list of fragrances in 2014.


  • Champion Cologne by Davidoff

Champion Cologne by Davidoff 2014
The Davidoff Champion Cologne targets those men who believe in physical fitness, the design of the Fragrance is cylindrical which has extended circle on both edges, just like dumbbell.  The smell of Davidoff Champion Cologne is also another tale of muscularity!


  • The Brave Tattoo by Diesel

The Brave Tattoo by Diesel - best fragrances for men 2014
How can the list of best 15 fragrances be complete without a product of Diesel? The brave Tattoo is all about impression. The bottle is actually a fist, comes in two colors, blue and black. The black one is “only the brave tattoo” which has a tattoo made on it, whereas the blue one is “the brave original”, it is about self confidence whereas the black one is for those who are what they want to be. Both fragrances have a knuckle in their wrist which has Diesel labeled on them. It is pretty tough to determine which one to use as both of them are awesome as hell.


  • L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake

L'eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake
Issey Miyake is the man when it comes to technology driven fashion designing, the designer Steve Jobs used to wear cloths of! Well his L’eau d’Issey is kind of fragrance suitable for modern men, combining decency with appealing smell. The fragrance is enclosed in rectangular shape which speaks of decency but the curves make it simply stylish.


  • Mont blanc Legend by Mont blanc

Montblanc Legend by Mont blanc
Mont blanc is German and like every German company have produced the Fragrance of finest quality Mont blanc legend Eau de Toilette is most anticipated among Mont Blanc fragrances. Mont blanc legend Eau de Toilette has the design that looks stunning; the cap has Mont Blanc written on it whereas logo is on the top of the body which is black in color. The bright and lively smell will make you remember it, forever.


  • Colonia by Acqua Di Parma

Acqua Di Parma Colonia Assoluta
Started in 1916, the Italian company Acqua Di Parma is the fashion statement. The love making of Italian, the classics, and the decency are all combined together in Colonia. The fragrance you can’t resist, even the bottle is icon. The smell of Acqua Di Parma’s Colonia is described as “successful man who loves tradition” and that is the most accurate indeed!


  • Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge by Lacoste

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge by Lacoste
Founded in 1933 and recognized by green crocodile logo, Lacoste is the company which excels in producing fragrances, clothing, footwear, eyewear, watches, and leather goods. The Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge is packed in simple and sleek, yet stylish looking packing; the colors available are red, blue, white, and green, each with its own story. Blue describes power, white is pure whereas red is energetic and green is relaxed. Only thing that can be seen on bottle is Lacoste logo, the green crocodile. It can be clearly called as one of best fragrances of 2014 for men.


  • Bvlgari By Aqva Pour Homme

Bvlgari By Aqva Pour Homme
Italian luxury goods company BVLGARI is also included in the list and why not, they are one of the best producer of Fragrances out there, if truth be spoken, the design of BVLGARI AQVA POUR HOMME is the best among listed! The round shape makes it stand out among others. Holding the blend of amber among other things, the scent refreshes the personality and one feels masculine.


  • A*Men Pure-Shot by Thierry Mugler

A Men Pure-Shot by Thierry Mugler
“Intellect is the servant of spirit” is what Theirry Mugler believes.  Started dress designing for his girlfriend at the age of 14, he has worked hard to get to the top list. His Fragrances also look at him as inspiration as in the best 15 fragrances for men in 2014, A*Men Pure Shot has a star and face of Oscar Pistorius in its bottle. The spicy and woody nature of A*Men Pure Shot makes it a favorite whereas icy mint and berry notes give refreshing personality to the person using A*Men.


  • JOOP! Cologne

JOOP! Cologne - best fragrances for men 2014
Refreshing as the name itself, glamorous as the design itself JOOP! Cologne is from JOOP! of Berlin. The design is curvy rectangle with purplish fragrance enclosed in it with company logo on most top. Classified woody fragrance with blend of tobacco, honey and jasmine with cinnamon in it, the JOOP! Is essential for casual nights!

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    I am looking for a new perfume, I am in that period of life when I change the way I look at the world and myself as well. You have interested me in Colonia By Acqua di Parma I think I will try this one.

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    All the perfumes are best for men but I would say, always choose the perfumes which suits to your personality and reflect your mood.

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