Top 10 Best Selling Fragrances of 2013 – 2014

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Your scent in a way defines your personality. Perfumes are used widely throughout the world and everyone has at least one bottle on their dressing table. Here is a list of top 10 best selling fragrances of this year. You must have tried some of these and if you still haven’t, order one now because you would surely not want to miss these alluring and addictive scents. See also the list of best fragrances for men in 2014 & Best perfumes for women in 2014.

top selling fragrances

10. Prada Candy Perfume by Prada

prada-candy-perfume Prada Candy by Prada, created by Daniela (Roche) Andrier and launched in August 2011, is a seductive, sensual, and elegant fragrance for women. It has a shocking pink appearance that is best suited for modern and fashionable girls out there. This EDP has a simple composition that opens up with musk, blends into Benzoin Overdose that lies on a base of caramel explosion. See it’s review and pricing on Amazon.

9. Obsession by Calvin Klein

Obsession by Calvin Klein - best selling 2013 2014 Obsession by Calvin Klein, created by Jean Guichard in 1985, is a powerful, provocative, and alluring fragrance for women. This perfume has a power to make you obsessed with it. It opens up with notes of mandarin orange, peach, bergamot, lemon, basil, vanilla, and green notes that blend into the spicy heart of coriander, orange blossom, jasmine, rose, cedar, oakmoss, and sandalwood which dry off into civet, musk, vanilla, vetiver, amber, and incense.

8. Green Irish Tweed Cologne by Creed

Green Irish Tweed Cologne by Creed Green Irish Tweed Cologne by Creed is an amazing best selling perfume ideal for day time usage for men. It was launched in the year 1985 and is sporty and spicy. Green Irish Tweed is available in a pitch black bottle and contains a mysore sandalwood, violet leaves, ambergris, Florentine iris, and French verbena.

7. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Euphoria by Calvin Klein 2014 Euphoria by Calvin Klein, created by Loc Dong, Carlos Benaim, and Dominique Ropion in 2005, is a perfect combination of floral and fruity scents for women. Euphoria, like the name suggests, is a captivating, sensual, and delicious fragrance which one can never forget. This tempting and mysterious fragrance takes you into a fantasy world of your own. It begins with pomegranate, lush green, and persimmon and blends with the heart of lotus blossom, champaca flower and black orchid which dry off into amber, woods, and violet. Did you check the new Endless Euphoria yet?

6. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, created by Sarah Jessica Parker along with Laurent Le Guernec and Clement Gavarry in the year 2005 is an award winning fashionable, yet classy fragrance. Read reviews on Amazon and you might want to get it at discounted price.It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Sarah has put all her glamour into the bottle of this EDP. It is a modern, charming, and elegant feminine fragrance which begins with mild citrusy fragrance of bergamot and nectarine which blend with woody notes of rosewood and slight scent of lavender. The heart consists of floral notes of white daffodil, orchid, and apple martini that mingle with cedar, white musk, and white amber to form a nice base.

5. Nautica Voyage Cologne by Nautica for men

Nautica Voyage Cologne - best selling fragrance Voyage, created by Maurice Roucel in 2006, is an extremely relaxing scent which gives you the feeling of enjoying solitude while sailing in the sea on a nice peaceful sunny morning. Scents of saline sea breezes combined with that of coastal herbs brings you closer to the nature. The sensation of relaxed freedom that comes from Voyage is simply priceless. The cologne begins with apple, cold green leaves which merge with the gentle mimose and lotus in the heart. The base notes are of moss, cedar, amber, and musk.

4. Drakkar Noir

Drakkar-Noir-Eau-de-Toilette-Spray Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche, created by the perfumer Pierre Wargyne in 1982, is a masculine, spicy, sharp, classic, and dramatic top selling perfume which is best for casual daily usage. This amazing cologne opens up with lavender, Artemisia, rosemary, lemon verbena, lemon, bergamot, and basil which are followed by spicy notes of carnation, juniper, coriander, jasmine, and cinnamon. Amber along with cedar wood, vetiver, oakmoss, fir, sandalwood, leather, and patchouli complete the fragrance. It is best to apply it on your pulse points. This EDT scent is available in simple yet classy black bottle with its name written in white on it. Buy Drakkar Noir on Amazon at discounted price.

3. Eternity by Calvin Klein for Women

Eternity by Calvin Klein for Women Eternity by Calvin Klein for Women, created by Sophia Grojsman in 1998, is a sophisticated, luxurious, and alluring floral scent which symbolizes peace, family love, and romance. The perfume opens up with freesia, green notes, mandarin oranges, citruses, and sage. Lily of the valley along with other floral notes like rose, jasmine, marigold, violet, carnation, and narcissus form the heart. Mild notes of sandalwood, heliotrope, patchouli, musk, and amber complete the perfume. It is an EDP fragrance.

2. Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men

Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men. best selling fragrances Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men, created by Carlos Benaim in 1989, is an exhilarating, refreshing, and energizing masculine scent which gives one a sensation of individuality. The perfume initially opens up with a coolness coming from freshly mixed green botanicals like bergamot along with lemon and with slight lavender and mandarin orange. These lead to a heart of lily, coriander, juniper berries, orange blossom, geranium, sage, basil, and jasmine which rest on the base of sandalwood along with musk, amber, Brazilian rosewood, and vetiver. It is an EDT fragrance and is best for daytime usage. Also listed in the best colognes for men 2014 list.

1. N°5 by Chanel for Women

Chanel no5 - Best selling perfume N°5 by Chanel, created by the perfumer Ernest Beaux in 1921, is an outstanding highly feminine best selling fragrance. All of its ingredients are perfectly blend together which makes it composition quite complicated. Famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe have found it to be amazing. Jasmine, rose, and for the first time, aldehydes were used to give a smell just like frozen rivers and lakes in the middle of the night. The perfume begins with bergamot, neroli, ylang-ylang, lemon, and aldehydes. Middle notes are jasmine, iris, lily of the valley, and rose. The base of sandalwood, amber, patchouli, vanilla, and vetiver completes the fragrance. It is said that a bottle is sold after every 30 seconds which makes it a top selling perfume and it has been also listed in the list of Best Christmas Fragrances For Women.   With this, the list of best selling fragrances / perfumes of 2013 -2014 end. I would highly recommend you to try these scents if you already haven’t tried them. Each one of them is amazing in its own way.

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